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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Maskless RDL Technology for Dynamic Die Shift Correction

Technology Overview

ITRI has developed maskless technology for RDL Dynamic Die Shift Correction to meet the diverse requirements of high-end panel-level fan-out packaging for future smart devices. The pattern compensation from die shift has been achieved XY: 50μm & θ: 0.3o by using digital lithography technology (DLT) for panel-level packaging mass production.

Applications & Benefits

In the semiconductor packaging process, the "communication" between the chip and the chip needs to be connected by RDL with mask exposure technology, and once the position of the chip is shifted, the "communication" will be "lost".
In response to the diverse and high-end packaging application requirements of smart field devices in the future, the automatic compensation technology for multi-chip line displacement can effectively solve the problem of loss of connection caused by the inability of the traditional mask process to correct for chip position deviation.

Comparison of Panel Level Lithography
Comparison of Panel Level Lithography.
Comparison of Panel Level Lithography
The Maskless Digital Lithography Technology for Compensating Topography of RDL.
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