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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Micro LED Display Technologies

Technology Overview

Micro LED Display Technologies.
Micro LED Display Technologies.

Micro LED, an advanced display technology with the feature of high brightness, high efficiency, and fast response time, makes it particularly suitable for unique markets such as signage, transparent displays, augmented reality/mixed reality (AR/MR) displays, wearable devices, and automotive displays that require high transparency, high brightness, high resolution, and low power consumption.
ITRI has developed key technologies from Micro LED chip process to mass transfer and has proved the feasibility of various applications by successfully integrating Micro LED onto different substrates such as glass/PI/Si and PCB. With this technology platform, ITRI is capable in providing customized services of material/equipment verification and module fabrication to meet industry demands.

Micro LED Technology2
Micro LED Display Technologies.
Micro LED Technology
Micro LED Display Technologies.
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