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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Indoor/Outdoor Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

Technology Overview

Indoor/Outdoor Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR).
Indoor/Outdoor Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR).

ITRI’s autonomous mobile robot solution combines self-driving perception technology, 5G network communication and an open dispatch management platform, and can travel on sidewalks and rough roads. Compared to existing autonomous mobile robots that can only operate indoors, this system can operate in indoor and outdoor environments at the same time, and even cross different floors. Through the dispatch management platform, it can cooperate with multiple robots.

Features & Innovation

  1. Can integrate technology through crosswalk/V2X sign
  2. Indoor and outdoor mobility/3D positioning and navigation technology
  3. Cross-floor distribution/5G networking integration technology

Applications & Benefits

The system provides indoor/outdoor AMR services and "zero-contact" applications. It can be used in epidemic prevention and disinfection, logistics, security patrol, and food delivery. The AMR solution can also  facilitate the industrial chain of 5G, smart transportation, and platform services.