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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Splicing Technologies for Flexible Freeform Micro LED Displays

Technology Overview

In response to the rising demand for freeform vehicle displays, ITRI has established a patented manufacturing process that utilizes flexible splicing interconnect technologies. To achieve this manufacturing process, the Institute has standardized splicing sub-systems and production equipment, enabling industry players to control manufacturing costs and yields effectively. Two key laser technologies developed by ITRI for flexible Micro LED splicing sub-modules – stacked module cutting and module circuit-interconnect blind drilling – are incorporated into the manufacturing process. These technologies have been modularized into equipment, and are ready for production lines. In doing so, two G2.5-generation standardized laser cutting and laser drilling trial production machines have been constructed. The laser cutting process has met the high standard of dimensional accuracy of 5 μm or less, while the laser blind drilling process has achieved a hole diameter of 30 μm or less.

Applications & Benefits

By integrating these trial production machines and corresponding process technologies, ITRI can offer a set of key laser manufacturing technologies for flexible Micro LED display panel production.