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5-Axis Ultra-Precision Machining Technology

Technology Overview

The five-axis (X, Y, Z, B, C) ultra-precision machining platform can support diamond turning, micro milling and micro grinding with maximum 650mm diameter swing capacity. The form accuracy is lower than 0.125μm PV (peak-to-valley), and surface roughness is less than 1.5nm Ra. Combined with optical simulations and measuring capabilities, this platform can provide one-stop service for the design and fabrication of high precision components.

Applications & Benefits

This platform can be applied to display systems, optical systems, the lighting industry, the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, semiconductor IC packaging, processing and manufacturing of core components of semiconductor equipment.

5-axis Ultra-precision Machining Technology

Specifications of 5-axis Ultra-precision Machining Platform

◆ Lathe Processing

◆ 5-axis Process (X/Y/Z/B/C)

◆ Maximum Machining Diameter:650mm

◆ Peak-to-Valley (PV) ≦ 0.125μm

◆ Surface Roughness (Ra) ≦ 1.5nm


Specifications of Microlens Array Mold

◆ Size:20.2mm × 20.2mm

◆ R=0.116274mm

◆ K=-2.57352

◆ Pitch=0.2mm

◆ Peak-to-Valley (PV):0.88μm

◆ Surface Roughness (Ra):18.8nm

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