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High Precision Ink-Jet Printing Technology

Technology Overview

The high-precision inkjet printing (IJP) equipment system is operated under the N2 (g) glove box environment. It can be equipped with six independent printheads and feeding subsystems with printing accuracy at ±5 μm. The auxiliary equipment includes vacuum drying, hot plate baking and UV curing chamber. This equipment system can provide high-precision display material patterning and fine line width printing services.

Technical Specifications:
◆ Glass sunstrate size: 370mm x 470mm x 0.7mm
◆ Printheads: Konica Minolta 1800i, Samba G3L
◆ Printing accuracy: ±5μm; Temperature control: 10~60℃ (±3℃)
◆ UV curing wavelength: 395nm wavelength
◆ Hot plate temperature setting range: 25℃~250℃
◆ Glove box: O2<10ppm, H2O<10ppm
◆ Ink viscosity: 3~10cp; Droplet volumn: 5~10pL

Applications & Benefits

This equipment can be applied to the patterning process of quantum dots (QDs), thin wire solder masks, silver nanowires and other materials.

High precision Ink-jet Printing Technology
The High-precision Inkjet Printing (IJP) Equipment System.
The High-precision Inkjet Printing (IJP) Equipment System.
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