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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Ppb-Level Chemical Filter Performance Testing Platform

Technology Overview

Ppb-Level Chemical Filter Performance Testing Platform.
Ppb-Level Chemical Filter Performance Testing Platform.

ITRI established the world’s only ppb-level chemical filter performance testing platform, and it serves as the designated laboratory for Taiwan’s leading semiconductor company. It guides the formulation of ASHRAE 145.2 international test standards and performance regulations, promoting high-quality chemical filters and overcoming R&D obstacles by customizing test conditions. Thanks to this platform, many Taiwanese filtration equipment manufacturers have become over-the-counter companies. With unique AMC measurement, evaluation, and control technologies, the platform offers customers all-round industrial solutions.

Applications & Benefits

It improves the quality and capabilities of the Taiwanese chemical filter industry, increasing its market share from 0% to 70%. These solutions have also enhanced micro-pollution control capacities and advanced manufacturing process yields within the semiconductor industry.