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ITRI Takes Home a Gold 2020 Edison Award


Celluad<sup>TM</sup> is a formaldehyde-free adhesive that exhibits excellent adhesion and water-resistance.
CelluadTM is a formaldehyde-free adhesive that exhibits excellent adhesion and water-resistance.

ITRI took home a Gold in the 2020 Edison Awards for its innovative adhesive solution CelluadTM in the Material Sciences & Engineering category. This is the second recognition from the 2020 Edison Award after ITRI bagged a bronze award for its bionic knobby magnetic beads manufacturing technology iKNOBEADS in March. This also marks the first time that ITRI has been named a gold winner and taken two awards in the same year since it participated in this award program in 2017. With the support of the Technology Development Programs of Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), ITRI’s strong innovation capacity has put it on par with leading companies such as Abbott, Dow, Boston Scientific, and many other outstanding award recipients.

“The 2020 winners illustrate how important the advancement of research and design is to reimagine the fast changing future. The Edison Award honorees serve as global beacons of how positive innovations are changing our world,” said Frank Bonafilia, Executive Director of the Edison Awards.

“While battling a pandemic as serious as COVID-19, research institutes such as ITRI play a vital role as novel technology solutions could be our best hope to weather the crisis,” said ITRI President Dr. Edwin Liu. “ITRI has been developing innovations that tackle global challenges. Both winning technologies, iKNOBEADS and CelluadTM, have their leading edge in the market and are top-notch technologies to enhance human health and environmental sustainability. Moreover, both research teams work closely with the industry to boost commercialization. By answering market demands accurately, we hope to maximize the power of technology and shape a better future for the world,” he stressed.

ITRI’s CelluadTM is a formaldehyde-free wood adhesive using abandoned cellulose derivative as its main raw material and can be applied to plywood, flooring, and lumber core board. Unlike soy protein-based formaldehyde-free wood adhesives, CelluadTM is less expensive and eliminates the issue of competing with food. Moreover, it has no strong odor and will not spoil easily when stored. With its unique formula and modification process, CelluadTM exhibits excellent adhesion and water-resistance. Its hydrophobic resin allows it to resist boiling water for 4 hours, meeting the test requirements of CNS1349 type I (100˚C).

CelluadTM also shows high process compatibility. There is no need to purchase additional equipment in order to produce plywood from Celluad™. The manufacturing facilities involved in the formaldehyde-free plywood fabrication process match the original ones and the system is easy to use. Given the above distinctive features, CelluadTM has been adopted by suppliers to major international furniture retailers.

By developing this novel eco-friendly adhesive, ITRI hopes it can help manufacturers provide natural, non-volatile plywood products while keeping the production processes free of health hazards. ITRI researchers will continue to explore wider applications for Celluad™ to create a healthier environment and benefit all mankind.

A video of CelluadTM is available here:

A video of iKNOBEADS is available here:

Celluad<sup>TM</sup> offers an eco-friendly adhesive solution to help manufacturers provide non-volatile plywood products.
CelluadTM offers an eco-friendly adhesive solution to help manufacturers provide non-volatile plywood products.

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