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Industrial Technology Research Institute


ITRI Exhibits Innovations in AI and Robotics at CES 2021


Technologies Include Dual Arm Robot System, Self-Learning Battery Management System, and UVC LED Water Sterilizer HydroNovation

ITRI showcases AI and robotics technologies at CES 2021.
ITRI showcases AI and robotics technologies at CES 2021.

ITRI announced it will introduce and demonstrate AI and robotics technologies at its CES 2021 event site (

ITRI’s featured technologies include the Dual Arm Robot System (DARS), a robot with human-like arms and hands developed to serve multiple applications in healthcare, professional services, smart manufacturing and hazardous environments without using specifically designed tools; the Self-Learning Battery Management System, the first to use self-learning algorithms to monitor, regulate and accurately calculate in real time the energy consumption and remaining capacity of electric vehicle batteries, thus helping reduce range anxiety; and the UVC LED Water Sterilizer System HydroNovation, a portable water sterilization system effective in destroying and deactivating pathogens to supply safe drinking water for emergency support, disaster rescue and areas of poor sanitation.

With artificial intelligence, two slim robot arms and human-like hands, ITRI’s Dual Arm Robot System (DARS) mimics human dexterity with high precision to perform diverse tasks, such as playing an electric piano. Its hands both have five fingers with shape adaptability to hold a variety of objects, even if soft or irregularly shaped, such as tools, balls, writing utensils, name cards, mobile phones, keys and plastic bottles. DARS also features advanced sensor technologies and machine learning algorithms for maximum versatility and can perform various tasks for humans without using specifically designed tools. Its applications include healthcare, professional services, smart manufacturing and hazardous environments.

The unique features of DARS include seven-axis robot arms, which greatly increase freedom of movement over common six-axis robots; three-foot-long arms that reach far and perform versatile tasks; and human-like hands with five fingers that overcome the limitations of traditional robotic grippers with only two to three “fingers,” that can grasp only fixed-shape or hard objects.

The Self-Learning Battery Management System (SL-BMS) is the first battery management system using a self-learning algorithm to provide correct readings of battery aging, remaining and restricted power for electric vehicles (EVs). SL-BMS ensures a margin of error below 5% in calculating energy consumption and range estimation. Its accuracy can help reduce range anxiety, the fear that an electric vehicle will not have enough power to reach its destination. SL-BMS reduces range anxiety by transferring state of charge (SOC) into accurate remaining mileage and mileage with restricted power mode information.

SL-BMS also minimizes maintenance costs, optimizes the use of both in-service and retired batteries, and can be used for large-scale energy storage systems in addition to electric vehicles. With cell balancing, charging, and discharging strategies, SL-BMS extends battery life by over 20% and increases efficiency of utilizing battery capacity by 50%, boosting EV driving range and reducing charging frequency. SL-BMS also offers a real-time battery health check, ensuring vehicle safety as well as saving time and resources for recycling of power batteries. It allows users to adjust their driving behaviors to ensure optimized battery endurance and avoid situations like battery overheating or power failure caused by long hours of driving at full speed.

SL-BMS also maintains a safe state for electric vehicle operation, while allowing the battery's capacity to be fully discharged. The system emits a power cut warning signal before the battery is completely depleted to reduce safety concerns.

The UVC LED Water Sterilizer System HydroNovation is proven for supplying 99.9 percent pathogen-free water. It is easy to carry and install for humanitarian assistance, disaster rescue, and areas of poor sanitation. It is also ideal for providing sanitized drinking water for homes, schools and offices.

The sanitizing component used in ITRI’s water sterilizer system is UVC LED. Compared to bulky, fragile mercury-vapor ultraviolet lamps that demand high voltage to operate, UVC LED is non-hazardous and can be powered by batteries. The system is energy-efficient, and the on-off switch is controlled by the water flowing through the sterilizer.

ITRI is cooperating with Kemflo Group, a maker of water filters and dispensers, to embed the innovative UVC LED water sterilizer system in its water filtration products under the brand HydroNovation. ITRI has also been working with Tzu Chi Foundation, a not-for-profit organization active in humanitarian rescues, on field trials for simulating emergency situations or challenging hygienic conditions.