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Industrial Technology Research Institute


ITRI Partners with LITEON to Strength IPR Strategic Position


In collaboration with industry, academia, and research sectors, ITRI formulated the IP Bank to create a patent pool.
In collaboration with industry, academia, and research sectors, ITRI formulated the IP Bank to create a patent pool.

Outstanding patents are essential for tech firms to gain international market share. ITRI and LITEON Technology Corporation (LITEON) have been developing optical storage products and biomedical and material-chemistry skills for years. Now, the two formulate a partnership for intellectual property rights (IPR) matters, including patent procurement, industry intelligence, and patent generation by Memorandum of Understanding. LITEON has enhanced its research with ITRI in the electro-optical field to refine its patent portfolio across the industry chain. LITEON has also partaken in IP Bank, demonstrating its strength in intellectual property rights.

“IPR has been considered an important index of market power,” noted ITRI’s Vice President and Legal Counsel Peng-Yu Wang. The MOEA has established R&D plans and organizations to sharpen interdisciplinary skills and expand Taiwan’s global patent portfolio. ITRI also built the IP Bank, a patent database to support industry players to improve their competitiveness. This partnership with LITEON is a good example of mutual collaboration on enhancing IPR position.

May Chiu, General Counsel at LITEON, is the one who facilitated this IPR partnership. Highly experienced in international IPR management and litigation, Chiu is also a consultant at the IP Bank. “ITRI has been named a Top 100 Global Innovator by Clarivate for six times and five consecutive years, and has a patent analysis system proved beneficial to Taiwan’s companies,” she stated. “Partnering with ITRI, LITEON wishes to enhance LITEON’s R&D skills and IPR competitiveness, and create a win-win situation.”

ITRI’s General Director of Technology Transfer and Law Center Wei-Lin Wang stated that ITRI has been implementing its 2030 Technology Strategy and Roadmap to solidify interdisciplinary technology skills and further optimize Taiwan’s global patent portfolio. Industries may look forward to acquiring essential patents in response to emerging technological trends. “This collaboration aspires to build a comprehensive IPR network and construct ecological industry chains,” he said.

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