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ITRI Celebrates Its 48th Anniversary Online for First Time


 ITRI celebrates its 48th anniversary online for the first time and reaffirms its commitment to achieving net zero emissions.
ITRI celebrates its 48th anniversary online for the first time and reaffirms its commitment to achieving net zero emissions.

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions in Taiwan, ITRI held its 48th anniversary celebration ceremony online on July 5. It is the first time in its history that the Institute has celebrated its anniversary virtually. Thousands of employees participated via live streaming and ITRI Elite Awards were presented online to outstanding staff for their excellent performance in R&D activities and services.

During the virtual event, Minister of Economic Affairs Mei-Hua Wang praised ITRI as an important promoter of industrial innovation, stating that the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) will continue to support ITRI’s innovation-oriented tech R&D and industrial upgrading, thereby enhancing Taiwan’s national competitiveness. Minister Wang thanked ITRI for its close collaboration with the government and industries to fight against the COVID-19 outbreak with tech innovation. She applauded ITRI’s ability to integrate technology from multiple disciplines and provide carbon reduction solutions to the petrochemical, steel, and electrical industries for achieving net zero emissions.

ITRI Chairman Chih-Kung Lee quoted the renowned French author Albert Camus’ The Plague, “the only means of fighting a plague is–common decency.” He praised ITRI for exhibiting a spirit of decency, as ITRI wasted no time in heading to the frontlines by assembling positive pressure testing booths when Taiwan entered the Level Three alert (of a four-tier system). This provided medical staff with a safe environment when they collect samples. Dr. Lee said that ITRI continues to focus on its 2030 Technology Strategy & Roadmap, and many R&D achievements have been recognized at the R&D 100 Awards, CES Innovation Awards, and Edison Awards. ITRI has also been named as a Top 100 Global Innovator 2021 by Clarivate, further promoting the international competitiveness of Taiwan’s industry.

ITRI President Edwin Liu remarked that due to the impact of climate change, the global trend towards net zero carbon emissions offers Taiwan’s industry another excellent opportunity to play a prominent role in the world. Consequently, ITRI took the lead in establishing its Net Zero and Sustainability Strategy Office to serve as a platform to promote net zero emissions. It will assist Taiwan in drawing a strategic blueprint to meet the 2050 net zero target, helping industries shift focus towards sustainable development. Dr. Liu encouraged ITRI colleagues to seize post-pandemic opportunities associated with a shake-up in industrial supply chains, using innovative and forward-looking technologies to strengthen the resilience of Taiwan industry, enhance competitiveness, and embrace the new challenges of 2050.

The online anniversary celebration included an award presentation to honorees with brilliant achievements and contribution. For instance, the Pandemic-Prevention Elite Award honored the R&D team introducing the positive pressure testing booth; the Outstanding Research Award singled out researchers who have been developing new botanical drugs for psoriasis and many other incredible innovations; the Industry Contribution Award was given to the team that helps the PCB industry enhance industrial resilience and manufacturing process efficiency. All have significant influence on Taiwan’s industry and society.

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