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Industrial Technology Research Institute



Working at ITRI

Meet ITRI, Join ITRI.

Innovation Environment

At ITRI, our focus is on developing new technologies that have real-world impact in raising quality of life and building a sustainable future. We strongly emphasize commercialization and entrepreneurship and encourage our researchers to leverage ITRI’s unique combination of broad technology expertise, business development and startup experience to turn their research into innovative products, services and companies.

ITRI rewards its research teams with many prizes given each year for outstanding achievements. In addition to these internal awards, assistance is given to apply for international awards such as RD100 and the CES Innovation Awards. There is strong top-down support for innovative, cross-disciplinary projects. ITRI is also a fantastic environment for continuous learning; our researchers inevitably acquire a comprehensive view of their field in terms of both the short-term market needs and the long-term technical and business trends.

Campus Environment & Resources

Campus Locations
  • Hsinchu. ITRI headquarters is located on the main campus (“Chung Hsing Campus”) in Chutung, Hsinchu County. There is also a smaller campus in Hsinchu City (“Kuang Fu Campus”).  Along with the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park and two outstanding universities, National Tsing Hua U. (NTHU) and National Chiao-Tong U. (NCTU), the area is a natural hub for high-tech R&D and industry.
  • ITRI Southern Region Campus (“Liou-Chia Campus”) is located outside of Tainan in southern Taiwan.
  • ITRI Central Region Campus is in Nantou City, just south of Taichung.
Employee Housing
  • ITRI offers on-campus dormitories for single employees on each of its campuses, as well as off-campus family units in a quiet, park-like gated community. Temporary accommodations are available for visitors.
Recreational Facilities
  • The main campus has the ITRI YoHo Club, an employee recreation center which has an indoor pool and spa area, and a fitness and games area. Outdoor spaces include a softball / soccer field, basketball courts, tennis courts, and more.
  • Employees can easily get around ITRI’s large campuses using a free system of U-bikes.
ITRI Yo Ho Club.
ITRI Yo Ho Club.
The ITRI Yo Ho Club Pool features a 50m pool.
The ITRI Yo Ho Club Pool features a 50m pool.
Childcare Services
  • Subsidized childcare for both pre-school and school-age children is provided at daycare centers, on and off ITRI premises. Employees' children are also eligible to receive educational grants and scholarships.
Commuter Bus Service
  • Dedicated commuter bus service for employees serving a wide area, including several routes between Taipei and Hsinchu.
Other On-campus Services
  • Include shops, restaurants, cafés, bank, post office, medical clinic and employee counseling center.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive salaries and annual performance-based bonuses; periodic bonuses may also be awarded for outstanding research or commercialization achievements.
  • Vacation time well above the national standards.
  • In addition to statutory labor insurance and national health insurance, employees are covered by additional group insurance subsidized by ITRI.