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Industrial Technology Research Institute



ITRI Global Internship Program

ITRI Global Internship Program.

Since 2006, ITRI has been hosting around 35 international students each summer for internships of 2-3 months, while also offering a limited number of longer internships of 4-6 months during Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Update 1/20/2021: Unfortunately, with the continuing restrictions on entering Taiwan due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, for 2021 we cannot accept students studying outside of Taiwan for internship at ITRI. We hope to offer some internships for international students who are studying in Taiwan, and expect to open application for those positions around February 25.

If you have questions regarding internships, please contact: talent @ itri . org . tw.

Internship Program Details and Application Information


Note: For 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this program is limited mainly to international students studying in Taiwan. This program is open to graduate and undergraduate students currently enrolled at accredited colleges and universities. Accepted interns MUST be able to provide documentary evidence from the university of student status during and after the entire period of the internship.

Candidates must hold a valid passport from a country other than Taiwan (ROC).

Program Dates

Summer Interns should be available to work for at least 10 weeks between May and September. Longer internships of 4-6 months are possible throughout the year.

Dates are flexible depending on student and department needs, and are decided case-by-case when acceptance offers are made. Please indicate your desired internship dates in your application.

What ITRI Provides

[Note: The package described below is standard, but may vary significantly depending on the circumstances; details of your offer will be confirmed if you are selected.]

  • Free on-site accommodation on ITRI campus - modern dormitories on a spacious campus with dining and recreational facilities
  • Monthly stipend (before taxes): NT$22,000 – NT$36,000 per month, depending on student’s experience and department’s situation; if you are offered a position, the offer will specify the stipend and other details.
  • Free ITRI Group Insurance (Note: this is Accident Insurance - those who want full medical coverage must purchase it independently.)

During summer internship (June/July):

  • A tour of the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park with company site visits, to promote understanding of Taiwan’s technology industry.
  • Subsidized group trip to scenic destination in Taiwan.
When is the application deadline?

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We remove positions as they are filled, so if a position is still posted in our internship application system that means application is still open.

For internships at other times of year there is no specific deadline; please apply 3-4 months before you hope to start your internship to allow enough time for all arrangements to be made.

Program Dates
  • Unless otherwise specified, the working language for these internships will be English; if knowledge of Mandarin is required it is noted in the Job Description / Qualifications.
  • Unless otherwise specified in your offer, interns are responsible for travel expenses to and from ITRI’s Taiwan campuses.
  • ITRI will obtain work (internship) permission for accepted interns, who must then obtain ROC visas from the nearest Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office before departing their home country (for locations/more info click here).
For ROC citizens

If you are an ROC citizen who does not hold any foreign passport, you are not eligible for the International Internship Program positions on this website. For those who hold only ROC citizenship, ITRI does offer internships, but this is handled separately by each department. If you are interested, please send your CV/resume to talent AT, with a brief message indicating which department(s) are of interest to you.

Foreign males of Taiwanese descent, between ages 18 and 40 (inclusive), and carrying foreign passports are not advised to stay in Taiwan for more than four months. If you participate in this program and decide to arrive earlier or leave later than the scheduled program dates, the total length of your stay in Taiwan should not exceed four months to avoid conscription problems. For more details on military service, please check with your nearest ROC embassy, consulate or representative office, or with the Ministry of the Interior.

How to Apply

Click here to access ITRI's internship application system, review positions descriptions and apply.


Dan King
ITRI International Internship Program